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Arthritis and cold weather

Canine arthritis is a chronic, progressive disease in which the cartilage between the joints degenerates causing pain, stiffness and swelling. It can occur in dogs of any age but mostly in older dogs. If your dog has arthritis, his discomfort can increase during the winter months. Although the cause of this is unknown, there are a few ways to keep your arthritic dog comfortable in winter.

<Managing the weight>

As same as humans, dogs tend to move less and eat more in winter causing body weight increase. Joint pain and stiffness are worse when carrying extra weight.

<Keep your dog warm>

Some dogs benefit from wearing dog coats or sweater both indoors and outdoors.

<Adequate exercise>

Even in the cold weather, your dog needs exercise to keep his joints healthy and moving. Remember to take it easy and avoid over exercise.


There are some prescription medication and supplements to lessen arthritis pain.

Please discuss these options with us so we can find the best care for your dog during this season.



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