• Megumi

Mosquito Bite Hypersensitivity

Along with the warm and humid days of summer comes the mosquito.

Some cats are allergic to mosquitos and by getting bitten, it causes

mosquito bite hypersensitivity. It is an overreaction of the cat's immune system to

a mosquito bite. This is a relatively common disease in cats.

Typical symptoms are scabs, ulcerated dermatitis in the area that has less hair (most commonly affected areas are the ear and nose) with severe itching.

The easiest way to treat this disease is to isolate your cat from mosquito exposure.

Corticosteroids ( by injection or orally) can be applied to reduce the hypersensitivity and provide comfort to your cat. An immunosuppressant can also be a treatment option if

the condition is long lasting.

 Our clinic also offers allergy testing which can give you a broad idea of what other factors your pet is allergic to. Please inquire us for more details.

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